New Dinox 350 Installation

The working envelope is 98.4 x 137.8 x 51.2 inches. The automatic tool changer holds 30-to-60 tools. The feed rate is 1,575 in/min. The Dinox provides versatility, from small to very large parts. all with extremely high accuracy. The Dinox 350 is a high speed machining center where the partContinue Reading

Machinists Inc. helps Nautican run smoothly

By Ian Dunn It is hard to describe, unless you’ve seen it. Nautican’s high efficiency nozzle and rudder assembly is a very large device that surrounds a ship’s propeller. It helps improve the performance of the propeller, better speed and fuel economy. Machinists Inc. Director of Marketing, Jeff Tomson, saidContinue Reading

Quiet Piles help Protect Marine Life in the Puget Sound

New pile driving technology could have a significant impact on marine construction projects, not only in the Puget Sound, but nationwide. Due to the intense sound coming from pile driving into the marine environment and its potential harm to sea life, federal law allows this type of activity only sixContinue Reading

Machinist Inc. now offers Helium Leak Testing

Often times in business, a unique opportunity presents itself. In this case, that unique opportunity involved a process called helium leak testing. For years, Machinists Inc. had been subcontracting helium leak testing to another firm. But once the other firm stopped offering the service, Machinists jumped at the opportunity toContinue Reading

100 year-old Ballard Locks gets upgrade to keep Operating

For 100 years the Hiram M. Chittenden Lock’s trunnions, gears and gates maintained the levels of Lake Washington’s and Lake Union’s waters. Obviously, these parts performed well for more than 100 years of nearly constant use, but as you might imagine, the Ballard Locks, as they’re locally known, were dueContinue Reading

Titanium Fabrication at Machinists Inc., in a New Isolated Facility

MI has been welding titanium,stainless steel and nickel alloys for many years. Projects involving titanium fabrication and machined parts have been provided for aerospace, marine, research laboratories and other demanding applications. MI opened a new titanium facility in mid 2014, it is completely segregated from the rest of the weldContinue Reading

Machinists Inc. Manufactures Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, as they are called, have been in development for the last 20 years or so, but now, are becoming increasingly more prevalent, due to emerging technology. The AUVs are used as real time centurions patrolling under the water. Machinists Inc. makes primary hulls for AUVs, which can withstand pressuresContinue Reading

Training the Aerospace Workforce of the Future

By Ian Dunn Training the aerospace workforce of the future is something taken very seriously at Machinists Inc. There are MI employees like Michael Tomson who have taken advantage of a special program through the Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee or AJAC. Tomson has been in the program for three years,Continue Reading