CNC Turning

Large sized shaft turning for urgent repairs or planned maintenance.

MI’s many lathes regularly provide CNC shaft turning up to 100 inches in diameter and can handle shafts up to 45 feet long. Often ships are stuck in dry-dock waiting for a new or repaired propeller shaft to arrive. MI works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if necessary to provide shaft turning for our customers crucial schedules.

Our quick response on CNC turning keeps our customer’s ships in the water and moving to their next destination with a minimum of down time. MI is equipped for large shaft turning production runs of many parts on our CNC turning equipment. We also, consistently, machine urgently needed single shafts on our very large lathes. MI offers flexibility in equipment, personnel and schedule to meet our customers’ needs.

Machinists is able to pick up and deliver to your plant or dock side. As always MI offers the best experts in the industry with years of invaluable shaft turning experience working with massive metal parts and producing consistent dependable quality within specified tolerances.

CNC turning has been a main stay in our ranges of services to our customers over the last 50 years. Our customers depend on us for urgent repairs and planned maintenance. We are supported by a reliable on-going relationship with suppliers to assure the best materials in the best possible delivery time frame. Parts can be ordered ahead of time and stored for rapid deployment to a desired location for installation. MI is your complete source for critical repairs or the machining of new parts.

If there is a need for large machining, prototype machining, replacement of broken parts, creation of assembly line spares or new equipment design, give the CNC turning experts at Machinists a call for reliable handling of your project.

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