Composite Tooling

High performance composite molds and fixtures built with precision accuracy, delivered on time.

Our team has proven experience in carbon fiber technology, creating complex molds and accurate fixtures for milling, drilling and assembly needs. We produce a range of composite tooling from patterns and plugs to production molds. MI composite tooling, tools and molds are manufactured for large fuselage mandrels, engine nacelles, wing tooling down to the smallest parts necessary for the manufacture aircraft frames. Very large 5-axis milling work envelopes provide MI customers with composite tooling fixtures in a variety of materials suitable for many manufacturing processes.

We are your source for crucial tooling under tight deadlines. Including:

  • Trim Fixtures
  • Assembly Fixtures
  • Holding Fixtures
  • Work and access stands
  • Composite tooling, composite tools and composite molds

If there is a need for large machining, prototype machining, replacement of broken parts, creation of assembly line spares or new equipment design, give the experts at Machinists a call for reliable handling of your project.

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