Critical Repairs

MI experts using up-to-date equipment solve breakdown problems 24/7 for many industries

The experts at Machinists Inc. repair broken or worn out large and small equipment on site or transported it to their Seattle manufacturing facility.

Many customers come to MI needing equipment repair or replacement. In many cases it is more economical to repair equipment than to replace it. In some cases, equipment can’t be moved and are repaired in place. MI has experts that have solved repair problems for over 50 years, saving customers time and expense. Often the team at MI can make the part better than the original because of the up-to-date MI equipment and technology.

MI provides metal fabrication and machining services for small parts, like special stainless steel screws or very large 20,000 pound shafts or assemblies. Repairs can be completed on site in some cases, or transported to the MI Seattle facility.

MI has repaired machinery for most industries, including heavy equipment, assembly lines, large ships, aircraft, public utilities and many other types of mechanical systems.

MI has worked with paper mills to repair their pumps, water and power utilities repairing valves and generation components, construction equipment hydraulics and ships that need fast repairs to return to sea and assembly lines that need to keep running.

If there is a need for large machining, repair or replacement of broken parts, creation of assembly line spares or new equipment design, give the experts at Machinists a call for reliable handling of your project.

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