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Specialty Manufacturing

Bring us a manufacturing project. The versatile and experienced craftsmen and engineers at Machinists can help, whether the project is a replacement part or an entire automated assembly line.

  • Food processing lines
  • Construction equipment
  • Waterjet cutting systems
  • Underwater drilling / exploration
  • Petro Chemical

MI can accommodate customer’s needs, if the part weighs a few pounds or several tons, if the finish needs to be bare metal ground to a technical finish, coated with an indestructible industrial coating or an automotive finish ready for the showroom. Machinists Inc. works with many diverse industries to meet demanding production requirements and schedules.

If there is a need for large machining, prototype machining, replacement of broken parts, creation of assembly line spares or new equipment design, give the experts at Machinists a call for reliable handling of your project.

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