Coast Guard Ships

Coast Guard ships

Need many repair parts subject to intense use in the rugged North Pacific. Machinists repairs pumps, bearings and large shafts while keeping the ships in the water.

Sound transit light rail

Sound transit light rail

Machinists produced many transit station components and track support hardware for the existing 18 mile, $2.6 billion system.

DOE Bubbler

DOE Bubbler

Vitrification facility on the Savannah River in South Carolina - The improvements to bubbler technology will accelerate the processing of radioactive waste into a safe, stable form for storage and permit expedited closure of underground waste tanks holding 37 million gallons of liquid nuclear waste.

Wind Energy

Wind energy

Accurate hubs for wind turbines. A wind turbine company approached us with a problem: could we make hubs that would allow the blade pitch to be adjusted. MI developed an innovative machining method to do just that.

The Boeing 747 Dream Lifter

The Boeing 747 Dream Lifter

Transports very large aircraft parts and tooling to manufacturing plants. Machinists makes support tools for use in the 787-9.

The National Ignition Facility NIF

The National Ignition Facility (NIF)

Livermore CA, is the world’s largest laser. NIF’s designers made major advances in existing laser technology as well as to develop entirely new technologies. The chamber MI built (above) was 30-feet long and 4-feet in diameter. It is a very complex aluminum weldment with extensive machining. Machinists has manufactured many projects for the facility. Innovations in the design, manufacture, and assembly of NIF’s optics were especially critical.

Metal Fabrication, Welding, CNC Machining, Assembly,
Finishing, and Complete Manufacturing Systems

Submarine Hull
Manufacturing Systems
Large Vertical Boring

With more than 50 years of experience, Machinists Inc. provides ISO 9001 certified metal fabrication, welding, CNC Machining, finishing and assembly. We operate the largest precision machining shop in the Northwest and have the ability to react quickly to our customer's needs and get large, complex projects completed on schedule.

With a wide range of certified, experienced professionals, we can provide composit tooling, integrated systems, engineering, aerospace tooling, fabrication and welding, shaft turning, large machining, horizontal boring, 5-axis machining, inspection, finishing and logistics.