Aerospace/ Aircraft Tooling

Accurate, dependable solutions for aerospace tooling, jigs and fixtures

Our aerospace tooling team includes experts in electro-hydraulics, programmable logic controls and motion control analysis for each project’s unique tolerance requirements. We are your reliable source for crucial aerospace tooling under tight deadlines.

If one of your production lines shuts down or quality drops, your business is at risk. MI aerospace tooling is a critical component in assuring the smooth operation of any mechanical production line. That’s why we deliver accurate solutions consistently under the tightest of deadlines. Count on us top keep your lines humming.

The Machinists team takes time to analyze and understands your manufacturing needs, then integrates a turnkey solution that’s exactly suited to make your production line perform as expected. Turnkey means just that: we design, build, install, and fine tune the system. We guarantee the tooling from our MI plants works. We can even train your operators. Our aircraft tooling has been designed and fabricated for use in composite component fabrication and assembly line jigs in sizes that range from table top to a complete system that occupies a large manufacturing bay.

A new aerospace tooling project always involves hundreds of choices from the concept to delivery. The greatest benefit to our customers is our ability, at MI, to select the right production path that assures a successful job, time after time.
~ Manager of our system integration team

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